About the project

Amy introduces the Common Room Conversations project

Do you remember what it was like to wander down to the common room in search of conversation? Maybe it was after dinner or late at night. And when you finally found someone, you’d crash out on the couches or maybe cuddle up on the benches and look out over Pedder Bay.

Your conversations would go all over the place….you’d discover all kinds of things…you’d share stories…. and you made some really deep connections.

Those were some of my favourite times at Pearson!

And now, on the eve of our 30th reunion I thought we could find a way to recreate those common room conversations. So I had this idea to create a series of recorded conversations. I’ve already started – there are recorded videos and a podcast.

So this is an invitation. I want you to come and join me.

There’s a form here on the site. Get in touch. Tell me what you want to talk about. I’ll reply and we can sort out a time.

We can talk about anything. I would really love it if these were personal conversations. We can absolutely talk about International Affairs if you really want to….but as it pertains to you, to your life.

This is about reconnecting on a personal level. Remembering friendships. Maybe even making some new ones along the way. And for those people we only sort of new a little back at college, maybe we cn get to know each other a little better.

I’m so excited about this, and I invite you to come and chat.

Here’s how you can get involved.

(This project has been initiated by Amy Grant, with support from Meg Pickard and Tania Granadillo)